Carolina Youth Action Project is hiring!

Carolina Youth Action Project is hiring a Lead Organizer who will be responsible for implementing positive youth development programming that is relevant, engaging, and meaningful to girls and trans youth from various backgrounds in Charleston, SC and
support youth leadership efforts to strengthen a movement for change here in South Carolina. The lead organizer will be involved in all aspects of programming, from recruiting youth participants and volunteers to planning and coordinating day to day activities to ensure the efficiency of programs.

Click here to see the full job description.

To apply, please send a resume and responses to the following questions to
● We are looking for leaders who are committed to building a better South Carolina where girls and transgender youth are supported, healed, and uplifted. Tell us why you’re interested in being part of this work.
● Tell us a story about your life that demonstrates your commitment to liberation.
● What specific skills or experiences do you have that will benefit your work with Carolina Youth Action Project?
● Design a one-day workshop for a program that serves as an alternative to incarceration for girls and trans youth ages 12-17. Please include:
– A description of the workshop’s goals
– How this workshop is relevant to your audience

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