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Raise the Age SC Google group is for members of the RTA SC Coalition. The Coalition supports significant reforms to SC’s juvenile justice system in order to create an evidence-informed, community-based, and developmentally appropriate system that can serve justice-involved youth under 18.

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Coalition’s Central Goal

South Carolina will implement raise the age in 2019 by right-sizing its juvenile justice system, funding developmentally-appropriate and evidence-informed alternatives to incarceration, and safely serving justice-involved youth under 18 in their homes or in their communities.

Intermediate Goals

  1. Advocate for child-serving departments and agencies to coordinate their funding in an effort to better serve justice-involved youth in their communities and closer to their families.
  2. Advocate for the implementation of policies that will limit the use of juvenile arrests, detainments, and commitments in favor of more evidence-based approaches to delinquency and delinquency prevention.
  3. Secure the funding required to implement raise the age during the 2019 legislative session.

Coalition Principles

  1. We believe youth under 18 who come in contact with the justice system are most appropriately served by a therapeutic and rehabilitation-focused juvenile justice system.
  1. We believe youth can live safely supported with their families or in their communities by a continuum of well-funded community-based programs that are accessible, evidence-informed, and developmentally-appropriate.
  1. We believe a rehabilitative and community-based implementation of raise the age will result in a decline in youth crime, arrests, detention, and recidivism while increasing in public safety.
Header photo credit: Richard Ross